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13 July 2007 @ 10:45 pm
Manga For Sale  
I really wanted to get more $$ for this but I have no idea where I can sell my manga even though it is all in good condition so I'm going to try selling it here.

I'm hoping for $3 a volume. If you can't come to pick it up you'll also have to pay for shipping, but it'll be media mail so shipping will be cheap.

For some I'm giving a brief blurb about the series but all have links to what the manga is about so if you want to know just click away.

- Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders vol 1 & 2 - This is a manga for the younger generation (in my opinion) but it was CLAMP so I had to read it. COMPLETE

- La Esperanca - This is Shounen-ai. A light sweet story. I have volumes 1-7. More info here. COMPLETE

- Kamui - I have volumes 1-5. Not complete. I think there is only going to be 8 and 6 & 7 can be found in Borders already. I just haven't gotten to them yet.

- Hana Kimi - I only have volumes 1-3 b/c I used to have the rest scanlated. This is a really cute manga about a girl who cross dressed as a guy at an all guy school just to see the guy she likes high jump in person. I enjoyed it and now there is a live action version of it to be found online.

- After School Nightmare - This is a story about...a gender-confused boy who is enrolled in a special class to...I guess you can say finally come to terms with who he is. I don't know how long this series is going to be. I just bought vol four and I'm selling volumes 1-4.

- Click - Gender bending. I'm really liking it. Can't wait for the next volume. I'm selling volumes 1 & 2

- Never Give Up - Volume 2 only. I don't remember what I did with Volume one and the rest I was reading online. I have to go back to the series when I have time. This is one about a a tomboy and a pretty boy who like each other but the girl wants to become for feminine before she can confess and the boy wants to be more manly. Chaos ensues with other characters as well especially when the girl gets a modelling job with the boy but she has to be a male model.

- Kedamono Damono volume 1 - Gender bending comedy.

- Not so Bad Volume 1 - Shounen Ai

- Kissing - Shounen ai COMPLETE

- Time Lag - Shounen Ai COMPLETE

- But I'm your Teacher - YAOI COMPLETE

- Close the Last Door - Shounen Ai COMPLETE? I wasn't sure if there was more of this series. It has an ending but is still left open for more.

- Innocent Bird - Shounen ai. Volume 1 of 4? I read the rest online. I think it was only 4 volumes.

- W-Juliet Volume 9 - Yes it's a random volume but I had been reading it online and then the scanlations stopped so I'm reading the rest on paper

- Gravitation Volumes 6-9 - Funny. WAY more chaotic than the anime.

- Lastly is Tramps Like Us - I'm not sure I'm going to sell this series yet but I have volumes 1, 6-12. Volumes 2-5 I should still have scanlated if anyone buys this series I will give them the scanlated volumes for free. I'm just waiting until I read the last two volumes before I decide to give it away. I have a very strong attachment to Momo in the Live Action and it will depend on the ending if my attachment will spread to the manga. Oh, and if you want the Live Action I can add that in for free as well.
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